Castus is the trusted source for effective and quality cannabis products

At Castus we continue to have a commitment to excellence.We bring out the sweetest notes from the flower by using a process that combines only food-grade nutrients and a rich soil blend to bring out the best features of the plant.

Our Practice

We pay careful attention to the quality of life that the plants receive. Castus products are locally grown without use of machines or un-natural contaminates.

Our Process

Our core growing practices ensure quality starting material. We flush our plants with water for 14 days at the end of their growth and process each plant induvidually by hand

  • The vegetative stage begins with picking from the best of clones that are then transplanted into a recycled soil that cannot be replicated.


  • The drying process is all about patience. We allow the hanging plants the time they need to exhale off any unwanted moisture to give the final product its brilliance.


  • All flowers go through a two part trim process. We carefully remove all the fan leaves and finish off with a tight hand trim.


  • Our oil is made from BHO honey oil that is then further purged until we are left with a purer product that can stand on its own.